Did you know that before financial institutions grant you a loan, they calculate your debt ratio to determine if you are in a position to meet your financial obligations?

The calculation of your debt ratio is done by taking your monthly payments on your loans and dividing them by your monthly income. The higher your debt ratio, the least likely it is that a financial institution will agree to give you an additional loan. A high debt ratio is dangerous and can lead to serious financial problems in the medium or long term.

Use our calculator to determine your debt ratio. If it is high, do not hesitate to contact us so that together we find solutions to reduce your debt and solve your financial problems.

Calculate Your Debt Ratio

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Rent or mortgage (with taxes and insurance)

Car loan or lease payment

Personal loans (furniture, travel, etc.).

Credit cards and lines of credit (minimum payment)

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Note: The calculation of the debt ratio is a quick assessment of your situation and does not take into account the many complexities. An evaluation by an insolvency advisor is recommended for a more accurate picture of your situation.