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There are several solutions to financial problems and it is our mission to help you determine which ones can work for you in your particular situation. We’ll also help you better understand the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws which can help you solve your financial problems, specifically the consumer proposal and personal bankruptcy, if none of the other available solutions are appropriate for you. We’re here to help, not to judge.

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Why a free consultation?

Because every case is unique and that the problems can be numerous and complex, a free professional assessment of your situation and is necessary to determine the choices available to you and discuss their implications.

What happens at the consultation?

1. First, we will analyze your situation: the amount and nature of your debts, your income, your expenses, your budget, your family situation, etc..

2. Thereafter, we will present the options available to you and the associated costs (depending on your specific situation).

3. You can explore different options, ask questions and ultimately make the best decision for you.