Am I in Too Much Debt?

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The calculator is based on your family situation to calculate your current expenses under the Canadian average.

How many people does your family unit include (including yourself)?

B. Your debts

What is the balance of your debts, excluding your mortgage and car loan? (personal loan, credit cards, line of credit, etc.)

C. Your income

Please enter the income of your family unit.

What is your personal monthly income after taxes?

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How much do you receive monthly for family allowance?

How much do you receive monthly in child support?

D. Your expenses

Please enter the expenses of your family unit.

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Your family unit must include at least one person (you).


According to our quick diagnosis, you have a monthly deficit of .

Warning! Every month you spend more than you earn. You probably use credit to make up the shortfall. You may already be in a debt situation or it will happen quickly.

If you have difficulty meeting your financial obligations, you should meet with an advisor who will help you restore your situation.

Warning! Note that your spendings exceed your income. You probably use credit to make up the shortfall. You are probably suffering from debt and we recommend that you act quickly to resolve the situation.

Consult an advisor as soon as possible before your situation gets worse. Ask for a free consultation within 48 hours.

Your situation is catastrophic! Your expenses are much too large compared to your income. Act quickly!

Consult an advisor without delay!

Get a free consultation


According to our quick diagnosis, you have a monthly surplus of .

Your finances are tight but you are still in the green. Be careful and monitor your debt situation.

Congratulations! Your income easily exceeds your expenses. Keep in that way and make sure you have a cushion of three months in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Wow! Your financial health is excellent! Your income far exceeds your expenses. Make sure to save a good portion of your income.

Warning: this online diagnosis is based on the Canadian average expenditure. It could be that your expenses differ from data used so that the diagnosis is wrong. Also, the diagnosis assumes a debt repayment at 4% of the balance per month. At this rate, it will take long to repay your debts. For a more accurate diagnosis, please use the online budget.